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After training aerials on her own while traveling the Americas, Laura moved to Europe in 2017, and since then have been working a lot as a street circus Artist ; presenting fire group and solo performance, partner acrobatics/acroyoga and handstands, while studying in INAC circus school, Portugal, specializing in aerial multiropes, where she deepens her technical and creative skills. After graduating in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, Laura travels to Senegal where she brings up "Hulocono", a social circus project aiming a cultural and artistic exchange between locals and foreigners. Follows the creation of a contemporary and multidisciplinary piece called "Vers Où?", from the new company "Somalogos", which is in a constant evolution until now. In winter 2022-23, she travels to Goa India into the "Bliss Circus" Project, where she creates and presents a range of short acts of different interests, for different performing realities. 

 Laura finds herself in the live performance, contemporary scene and social circus areas. Her focus, above all the commun interests of society, is in the philosophy of presence. Anywhere she presents, she aims to take all the attention of the audience into a state of presence and awareness ; may her show be about visual interest, entertainment, child interest, political/social critic, personal expression. To spicen up her technical demonstrations, she uses different expression techniques ; Eye contact, authentic movement, mime, clown, music and movement expression.

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Bliss Circus 2022
Bliss Circus 2022
Bliss Circus 2022
Bliss Circus 2022
Himalaya's balance
Resydency Exit
School shoot
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_JG_8691 (4)
_JG_8629 (4)
Porto Fire Shows
Porto Fire Shows
"Espèce en voie de réapparition"

Hair-Hanging Act Teaser
At Bliss Circus 
Palolem, Goa, India

"Especie em Via de Reaparição", Amostra 2020, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal 


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